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Clark Coolidge talks Jack Kerouac and a history of Modern Jazz.

Planetary Liquidator’s Auction House and Bridal Shop

The universe is in a bad mood. It’s expanding faster than anyone thought. It’s beginning to break apart. Galaxies and planets are disappearing, property values are falling, a fracture has been seen in the sky over San Francisco. No one noticed. They thought it was a science fiction movie. Only Sheldon, our existential detective, his new secretary Miss Spent, an astrophysicist and shapeshifter who hides in full sight a public secret, and Dan Lapadella, shapeshifter trans-galactic entrepreneur, understand the dire situation. Come with us to save the universe and the value of everyone’s real estate. Meet the cartographer who keeps a map of the universe in a totally hollow planet. Join us, hear the door with a bad disposition. Meet the Unks, robotic miniature toys who possess the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. Meet the president of Berkeley, who believes thinking is not a safe space. Journey to the planet of the two-heads, Bicephylon, and the double-headed Bicephylon girl: half party girl, the other half prissy. All this and much, much more, as we visit a menagerie of uniquely weirdo planets and their inhabitants, all linked to the Planetary Liquidator’s Auction House and Bridal Shop, in this fun-filled, science fiction romp.
By George Robert Minkoff.