BMA Podcasts


BMA is an AFTRA, Audible and Brilliance approved recording studio specializing in audiobooks and voice overs. Our mission is to explore audio territories that other publishers fear to tread. This requires excellence in all areas: narration, editing, proofing and mastering. Nothing short of state of the art audio.

Jason Brown


Born and raised in New York City Jason worked at People Magazine and Sports Illustrated before branching out into film, television and audio. Working with academy award winners Douglas Trumbull, Joel Hynek and John Gaeta gave him not only brilliant creative exposure but a standard of excellence, perseverance and a strong work ethic that he carried into Berkshire Media Artists. BMA now seeks out extraordinary talent to support this standard.


As an audio publisher BMA seeks out material rich in content, elegance and beauty. Starting out with Native American wisdom recordings over 20 years ago BMA has maintained a solid record of producing material that benefits the Earth and mankind and evolution of our human species. From Native elders to Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman and Jane Austen, BMA has produced product soothing to the soul and will continue to do so.